With fixed income ETFs accounting for less than 1% of the overall bond market, the growth outlook over the next five years is huge. As investor demand increases, ETF issuers have started to move away from simple passive products into more niche areas of the market such as smart beta fixed income ETFs, an area of very interesting potential.

This online event will explore the different issues facing investors when looking to slice and dice the fixed income ETF market while also taking a deep dive into the macro outlook for the bond market.

The event is exclusively aimed at buy-side professionals.

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1:45-1:50pm (UK time) ETF Stream Welcome Remarks

1.50-2:20pm Opening Keynote Re-engineering fixed income ETFs: What next?

MJ Lytle, CEO, Tabula Investment Management

2:20-2:45pm 1 to 1 interview

Michael Howell, CEO, CrossBorder Capital

2:45-3:20pm Panel New ideas in the search for yield

The perils of running a multi-asset portfolio in this low return environment have been well documented. With a large portion of the developed market negative yielding, investors are looking to more esoteric parts of the market for more attractive returns. This session will explore new ways investors can approach the never ending search for a greater risk-return profile.

Panellists: Dr. Xiaolin Chen, Head of International, KraneShares 
Jean-Paul Jaegers, Head of Asset Allocation, Barclays Investment Solutions
John Leiper, CIO, Tavistock Wealth
Moderator: George Geddes, Senior Writer, ETF Stream

3:20-3:35pm Networking Break 

3:35-4:10pm Panel ETF liquidity: Bonds under the spotlight

During the coronavirus turmoil in March, bond ETF discounts widened to all-time highs leading critics to argue fixed income ETFs create an “illusion of liquidity”. While the wrapper was certainly put to the test, ETFs played an important role in enabling investors to see real time bond prices while NAV prices remained stale. Should investors be worried about the wide discounts and what happens to the ETF structure if market conditions are even worse in the future?

Panellists: Adriano Pace, Head of Equities, Europe, Tradeweb
Daniel Izzo, CEO, GHCO
Alan Moreira, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Rochester
Moderator: Tom Eckett, Deputy Editor, ETF Stream

4:10-4:20pm Networking Break

4:20-4:55pm Panel Investigating the increasing demand for fixed income ETFs

Global demand for fixed income ETFs hit record levels this year and in 2019, however, many believe the asset class is only just getting started considering ETFs still account for less than 1% of the entire bond market. The demand has come with a spike in product launches meaning investors have numerous ways to slice and dice the market. This session will explore how investors are gaining exposure to the asset class and what more issuers can do to tackle the growing demand.

Panellists: Jason Xavier, Head of EMEA Capital Markets, Franklin Templeton Investments
Irene Bauer, founder and CIO, Twenty20 Investments
Jordan Sriharan, Head of Managed Portfolio and Passive Services, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Moderator: Fabrizio Zumbo, Associate Director, European Asset and Wealth Management Research, Cerulli Associates

4:55-5:15pm Closing Keynote

Riccardo Rebonato​, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and EDHEC-Risk Institute
Matthieu Guignard, Global Head of Product Development and Capital Markets, ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta, Amundi

5:15-5:20pm Closing Remarks 


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